New Jersey Laws Regarding Drones

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Flying unmanned aircraft in New Jersey is legal, but public operation is prohibited. This applies to recreational drones, helicopters and model planes as well as rockets. This type unmanned aircraft is only legal for law enforcement and emergency personnel, but it is illegal for all others. This article will discuss the legal implications of drone operations in New Jersey and how they are regulated. This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, laws concerning drone operations remain in development and we do not know when they will be implemented.


New Jersey is currently regulating drones. Although the law has not yet been in force, it allows municipalities to limit or ban drone operations. The new law requires that drone owners register their drones individually. They must provide their name, address and make and model information. The new law also requires owners to answer questions concerning the flight duration. This article will explain the laws governing drones in New Jersey and what you should do to comply.

Requirements for Remote Pilot in Charge

The requirements for Remote Pilot In Charge (RPIC), are required if you wish to commercially operate a drone in New Jersey. A license and FAA registration are required for commercial drone operators. You must also follow Battleship NJ's procedures. This includes responding to inquiries and submitting flight logs. Additionally, you should be familiarized with the regulations and rules surrounding commercial drone operations.

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Legal implications

Drones are now more in demand than ever. Unmanned aerial vehicles are also called drones. These small, unmanned aircraft respond to remote controls and follow a preprogrammed course. They were initially intended for military use but are now open to amateur pilots. New Jersey's law states that you must obtain permission before flying a drone.


The Newark Liberty International Airport was temporarily shut down on Tuesday due to sightings by drones. According to reports, drones were spotted flying in a three-to-five-kilometer altitude over Teterboro Airport, 20 miles north of Newark. Although no new sightings have occurred, the airport continues to cooperate federal law enforcement. After a brief pause, arrivals resumed after which a federal investigation was underway.


If you are looking for great places to fly a drone, New Jersey has some fantastic spots for aerial photography. Lincoln Park is Hudson County's biggest park. You can also take stunning aerial photos there. Its scenic views of Lower Manhattan are sure to impress anyone who sees them. You can also fly your drone over the beautiful branches and bridges of Branch Brook Park. You will be able to capture better aerial photos at lower altitudes.

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